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Hillsborough County is hiring: Director Development Services

For this important role the County needs someone who knows how to facilitate value creation in a community. This leader will know from direct experience that “smart” growth results from enabling sustainable development that generates high wage jobs and private wealth for every citizen. As such, the candidate may be someone outside of traditional planning environment but will be grounded in solid planning principles. The
ideal candidate should “imagine” reading a marketing piece about an intriguing community where the government’s mission is facilitating innovation; where all land use decisions, site development and permitting focuses on growing high value businesses. The ideal candidate should imagine what it means to be part of a team that is reinventing the role of government as an economic development engine. The County seeks a credible and unifying leader who is energetic, visionary and effective. Candidates should bring experience from the business and industry side of the development transaction, as well as high-level internal management qualifications, with an ability to balance the two. The ideal candidate must have the ability to promote collaboration on a county-wide basis and serve as a key facilitator with elected/political and business leaders. The candidate will have a high level of integrity, ethics and transparency.

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